Palm Z - Infra Red Micro Plane: Blue Wind

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Palm Z - Infra Red Micro Plane: Blue Wind

The incredible Infra Red Palm Z Indoor Micro Plane is probably the smallest Remote Controlled Aeroplane in the World, and is firmly predicted to prove another Flying Toys phenomenon following the unprecedented success of the Picoo Z. Lightweight, safe and easy to fly up to three together on Bands A, B & C using rudder and proportional motor control, this tiny eight inch Indoor Biplane features a red LED flashing light, and has a spectacular performance in the smallest of spaces!... Flying Toys inexpensive Palm Z is supplied completely ready-to-fly, with a single powerful micro motor driving a geared pusher prop, and is made of flexible Expanded Polypropylene Foam to survive the occasional heavy landing. Featuring a fast charging facility for fabulous long flight times, the Lithium Polymer flight battery will provide fantastic flights of five minutes or more between charges, yet can be recharged in just fifteen minutes with the portable charger provided. Brilliant for miniature indoor Pylon Racing, or amazing Formation Flying with your friends, and almost certain to become the hottest

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